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The Sorg Easel

(The David Sorg Signature Easel)

An artist's wooden studio easel that is close to perfection...

Well, you'd expect me to say something like the above. Below are some reviews of the Sorg Easel by a few of the professional artists that use one:

"This is a great easel!"

     -Quang Ho   
Click here to see Quang Ho's work.

"...just right...I recommend it."

     -Joe Anna Arnett   
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"The effortless adjustability is just incredible... David, you are brilliant!!! I love it!"

     -Bob Bertram   
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"I have been a professional painter for thirty some odd years... during that period, I have had some heroic struggles with whatever easel I was working with at the time... tasks such as changing the elevation of my painting were undertaken with the same enthusiasm as changing the oil in my lawnmower...there were other inconveniences that seemed to cause some minor mental anguishes but therapy helped appreciably...

Then, fortune smiled kindly on me... I acquired a "David Sorg" easel... I can truthfully say that I never think about my easel, except upon finishing a painting session I always pat it and give it an "atta boy"... it is truly a wonderful partner.

     -Jim Rey   
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(As a post script, it has been reported to me that I have been observed humming and whistling whilst painting... I can only ascribe this behavior to the freedom that your easel has given me... I have named him "Skippy"...) "

"I've been using the easel for several weeks now and just love it. It is an attractive, well-designed piece of furniture and has a light, airy feel to it that enhances the painting experience. At the same time it's built sturdily and stands up to vigorous brushwork. Changing the top easel support to accommodate different sizes of canvas is a cinch, and once that's done, moving the entire canvas up and down is instantaneous. Although it doesn't float like a feather I suspect that it will only get more friction-free as I use it.

Another feature: the other easel I was considering lacked a tray. I am really happy with the size and convenience of the one on the Sorg. It keeps my brushes, palette knife, and reference photos at my fingertips, and also has room for my CD remote and cordless phone. The paper towel holder works well for me, too. I had fastened a holder onto my taboret but this is much handier. I recommend the Sorg highly to anyone looking for a new and friendlier easel."

     -Leslie Ficcaglia   
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"It is a heck of an improvement over those easels that require loosening and tightening knobs just to get the work raised or lowered. For the money, it is miles ahead of the competition."

     -Todd Reifers   
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"Your easel has been the best easel for painting large paintings in small studios that I have ever used. It solved all of the problems of large vertical paintings (4'X6') painted on panel. I no longer have to paint on my knees. Also, I can work on pieces 8" X 10" and even smaller.

This easel handles the weight of the panels. One of the greatest features is that it can be moved without assistance. The ease of having the painting glide up and down is just what I was looking for. I no longer have to round up a group to move the painting! I can work all over the paintings, which is the way I prefer to work.

It was also very easy to put together. An added bonus is that I can fold up the easel without too much trouble and put it in the back of my truck. So, it is portable. Thank you, David for such a great easel."

     -Karol Mack   
Click here to see Karol Mack's work.

"It's a big one that you can really push against. (It) lifts and lowers easily and is certainly solid."

     -Robert Genn   
Click here to see Robert Genn's comments, photos, and some other artist's opinions.

"I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed your easel. Two things are happening around that. I am switching between pastels and oils without the extensive clean up I had been doing to assure that my pastels aren't touched by anything oily and my oils don't end up with pastel dust. I had not realized how much that task was slowing me down and causing a mental "block" that threw me off my pace enough to sometimes prematurely end my creative flow. For me that can be a disaster - I was not only facing the dreaded "empty canvas" syndrome but also the "so messy I don't know where to begin" state that can paralyze me.

So I am now painting away with work on both easels and enjoying a level of productivity that I have never before experienced.

That is the part about me. The part about the easel is that it is sturdy, adjustable and very well built. The flexibility of being able to easily roll it out of the way has removed such a barrier in my studio routine that I can honestly say that it has paid for itself many times over. I am very pleased. Thank you!"

     -Dinah Worman   
Click here to see Dinah Worman's work.

"David Sorg's easel is easily the biggest bang for the buck available. It is sturdy, well designed, and huge. I can work as large as I dare on this easel, and yet still move my big canvas up or down as I need to without unscrewing or unplugging anything. The Sorg easel has been a terrific addition to my studio."

     -James Coe   
Click here to see Jim Coe's work.

David writing here again. I got this unsolicited email from artist Patrick O'Brien: "David, I bought an easel from you earlier this year, and it's fantastic. (By the way, you really ought to raise the price. It was a real bargain. Of course, I can say that now that I've already bought one!)"

So I wrote back asking him if I could use his name for an endorsement, assuming I would use that first email. He very kindly wrote back with: "Yes, you can use me as a testimonial.

'The Sorg easel has really made my work easier. It's a big, sturdy easel, but the main feature is its clever system for easily raising and lowering the canvas. I use it constantly while creating a painting. And the price is great. Anyone looking to spend good money on a good easel should buy a Sorg" it's twice the easel at half the price.' "

I liked both, so here they are!

Click here to see Patrick O'Brien's work.

Artist Jeff Perrault wrote a very nice review of the easel on his blog which you can read about here.
     -you can visit Jeff Perrault's website by clicking here.

"I just finished my 150th oil painting and the last 100 have been painted on the Sorg Easel. It's the only easel I use and I love it!"

     -Bobby Goldsboro   
Click here to see Bobby Goldsboro's work.

If you would like some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid in any studio easel you are contemplating, here is a short article that will appear in another window.

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