"What Others Say"

The Sorg Easel

(The David Sorg Signature Easel)

An artist's wooden studio easel that is close to perfection...

Some Favorite Links

Below are some websites you might enjoy. All of them will open in a new window if you click on them.

Wet Canvas!   A very large forum site with lots of useful stuff. There are also many unsolicited posts from artists about my easel if you want to do a search there.

A Stroke of Genius   A large site primarily for portrait artists, including a page of online resources, many links, and discussion rooms.

The Painters Keys   Artist Robert Genn has a great site filled with ideas for all kinds of artists at all levels of accomplishment. Artists may place a link to their website or their gallery's. Be sure to sign up for his and his daughter Sara's twice weekly newsletter! If you have a creative bone in your body, you'll really enjoy the newsletters.

Sorg Easels Facebook Page Pics of the easels, comments, happenings...you know, Facebook...

If you would like some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid in any studio easel you are contemplating, here is a short article that will appear in another window.

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