"The New Super 8 Easel"

"What Others Say"


The Sorg Easel

(The David Sorg Signature Easel)

An artist's studio easel that is close to perfection...


The price of either easel is $950 plus a vastly variable rate for shipping depending on where you live (it's a big heavy box!) in the continental U.S. See the list below for the additional Freight shipping charge. You can expect your easel in about two weeks or less. I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and personal checks are fine. If you will call 303-825-4040 or email me, I can take your order or answer any other questions you may have.

Alabama $172.00
Arizona $558.00
Arkansas $226.00
California $560.00
Colorado $510.00
Connecticut $235.00
Delaware $147.00
Florida $250.00
Georgia $123.00
Idaho $715.00
Illinois $208.00
Indiana $250.00
Iowa $290.00
Kansas $315.00
Kentucky $150.00
Louisiana $295.00
Maine $410.00
Maryland $150.00
Massachusetts $300.00
Michigan $238.00
Minnesota $358.00
Mississippi $298.00
Missouri $247.00
Montana $649.00
Nebraska $562.00
Nevada $542.00
New Hampshire $306.00
New Jersey $198.00
New Mexico $543.00
New York $365.00
North Carolina $120.00
North Dakota $549.00
Ohio $150.00
Oklahoma $373.00
Oregon $740.00
Pennsylvania $186.00
Rhode Island $217.00
South Carolina $120.00
South Dakota $465.00
Tennessee $170.00
Texas $320.00
Utah $600.00
Vermont $307.00
Virginia $110.00
Washington $630.00
West Virginia $149.00
Wisconsin $305.00
Wyoming $769.00

Unfortunately, I cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii.

I can only ship easels to the continental 48 states. I'm sorry to be so emphatic about that, but I get a lot of inquiries from around the world, and I simply am not in a position to be able to help. The crate measures 82 x 38 x 15 inches and weighs 130 pounds. If you are able to arrange details with a U.S. friend or relative who can send it on to you that would be fine, but shipping costs are usually prohibitive. Your friend will have to handle ALL export documents. I love getting to sell easels, but please don't contact me about purchasing an easel until after you've made U.S. shipping arrangements.

If you would like some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid in any studio easel you are contemplating, here is a short article that will appear in another window.

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