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The Sorg Easel

(The David Sorg Signature Easel)

An artist's studio easel that is close to perfection...

Have questions?

Who is this easel most ideally suited for?
The Sorg Artist's Easel is best for painters who work primarily in oils, acrylics, or pastels. It doesn't recline to horizontal for watercolorists.

If you only paint in small formats under 16 by 20 inches, and always stand or always sit, you don't really need the capacities of this easel. It works wonderfully for anyone who likes to have the option of standing or sitting, and for medium and large canvases up to six feet high (72 inches) and six or seven feet in width.

This easel will work with most ceilings, but if you work under an 8 foot ceiling height, you should also check out the Super 8 model which is designed specifically for lower studio ceilings. See the link at the left of this page.

Why should I buy THIS easel?
If you've never purchased any easel, $950 (+ freight!) may seem like a lot. But as one of the artists that has this easel has said, "There's a certain Zen to the painting experience. My Sorg Easel never interupts that. The canvas is always where I want it without thinking about it."

Artist Robert Genn has called an artist's easel an "altar". Amateur or pro, you will spend more hours in close contact with your easel than anything else. (Okay, maybe the seat of your pants on a chair...:) ). Over the years everything else may change; your style, your technique, your medium, but a first quality easel will remain. I believe my easel is the easiest to use in all respects, and will bring out the best in your painting. I think this easel will exceed your expectations.

sorg studio easel rear view

What is included, and what about assembly?
The easel is mostly assembled. It will require less than an hour to un-crate and assemble. You'll need a light hammer and a pair of pliers, though a 10mm socket wrench makes things go faster.

The easel is complete with brush holders, two canisters and lids, brushwasher screens, a paper towel holder, casters, and 40 pounds of counterweights. The weights are used to counterbalance the movable portion of the easel and the canvases or panels that are placed upon it. The weights are standard barbell-type, and are readily (and inexpensively) available from any sporting goods or exercise equipment store should you need additional weight for larger or heavier canvas. (For example, some artists like to make finishing touches with a frame around the canvas.)

Please call me more-or-less anytime with other questions you may have. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with painters- we are a pretty nice group of people, and I won't try to "sell" you an easel. All of my sales techniques are here on these web pages. The best ones are on the "What Others Say" page. Anyhow, call 303-825-4040 if you'd like.

If you would like some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid in any studio easel you are contemplating, here is a short article that will appear in another window.

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