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The Sorg Super 8 Easel

The new model for 8 foot ceilings...

An artist's studio easel that is close to perfection...

Unfortunately, the SUPER 8 easel is no longer available because of increased costs. I'm working to see if it can be made and shipped as a kit to keep the costs down. If you feel you would be interested in this as a kit (it will be easy to assemble) send me an email so I can contact you if/when they become available.

The Super 8 is an easel that I designed specifically for artists who are constrained by an eight foot ceiling height in their studio. It uses the same counterweight and sliding principles as the original Sorg Easel but will give you a fuller range of motion than the original if you are unable to exceed eight feet in total height (8 feet, or 96 inches, is the "standard" ceiling height in many homes).

The Super 8 shares many of its details with the original, such as solid Beech construction, casters, lip-less canvas holders, and more. Below is a video which demonstrates some of the features of this easel

If you're wondering what the white pieces were that were hanging under the canvas tray on the video, they're paper towel holders. I forgot to bring a roll of paper towels with me to the photography studio to demonstrate that feature...

Which Easel should I buy?

The answer won't always be clear, and I invite you to call me anytime to discuss which one might be best for you. The original Sorg Easel works as well under an eight foot ceiling as any other type or brand of easel will (excepting this new Super 8!). That is, you can still adjust your canvas from a "low" position on the easel to a "high" position manually, just like all other easels. But with a taller ceiling, you can do this with a single movement instead of by hand. So the original Studio Easel is never the wrong choice. It will have the most versatility and capacity when a taller ceiling is available, even if that is in your future.

That said, if you know that it's likely that you'll always be working with an eight foot ceiling, the Super 8 will give you a greater range of motion with its sliding motion instead of having to manually re-adjust the height as you would have to do with any other easel out there. The Super 8 will drop lower and/or raise higher up to just shy of the eight foot height limit. The price is the same for either model. Below is a comparison video that will show you the differences.

If you would like some ideas of what to look for and what to avoid in any studio easel you are contemplating, here is a short article that will appear in another window.

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